PennStar is an integrated toll blender of high-quality petroleum products. Using domestically sourced high-quality raw materials, our products are formulated from select base oils and advanced additive technology and are carefully blended to the most exacting standards.

We blend a full range of API licensed automotive and heavy duty motor oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, railroad engine oils, hydraulic oils and other industrial lubricants. Give us your specifications and we’ll blend to order and fulfill your private label packaging needs. Packaging options include: Pails, kegs, drums, totes, bulk transport truck and rail car. With over 300,000 square feet of warehousing and 1 million gallons of tank capacity, PennStar provides extremely short lead-times and can fulfill any order quantity fast.

“Blending and Packaging Lubricants that Exceed Expectations”

Lubricants Quality Controlled, Laboratory Tested and Approved

At PennStar, we view Quality Control as a critical element of our business. We are firmly committed to blending the highest quality lubricants. Our products meet all API and OEM specifications.

Our lab is equipped with State-of-the-art equipment that is certified, inspected and recalibrated on a regular basis. We ensure all products leaving our facility meet or exceed proper specifications.

Logistic Advantages

PennStar provides the flexibility of several delivery options to help reduce freight delivery costs. Our expert Logistics Department can arrange delivery or your product nationwide with our company owned and operated fleet of Straight Trucks and Multi-Compartment Bulk Trucks, arrange Rail Service, or load your Export Container at our warehouse.

Conveniently located to four major Interstates, it’s no wonder PennStar boasts one of the best On-Time In-Full (OTIF) ratings in the industry.

Lubricants It All Starts With Service

At PennStar, service comes first…In Production, in Packaging, in Delivery, and in Quality Assurance. Our dedicated staff of Customer Service Representatives look forward to assisting you.

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